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Say ‘I Love You’ to your Mum – & the Planet!

Say ‘I Love You’ to your Mum – & the Planet!

Mothers – we couldn’t live without them! That doesn’t always mean it’s easy to find the perfect gift to treat them on Mother’s Day. UpCircle Beauty has put together a list of their favourite sustainable and vegan gifts from &Keep to help brighten her day.

1. For the Coffee Lover

    Ah coffee, she says, with a steaming mug in hand ready to start the day - sound like someone you know? Find me a mother who hasn’t run on coffee at least once in her life! UpCircle Beauty have a range of intoxicating products made using upcycled coffee grounds they collect from coffee shops across London. Treat your mum to the Eye Cream, her favourite scent of Face Scrub, or their certified Organic Face Serum – these incredible products won’t just bring her joy, they’ll also help save skin-loving ingredients from going to waste. Sounds like a win-win to us!

    2. For the Cocktail Queen

    The UpCircle Beauty Espresso Martini candle is hand-poured in Yorkshire and infused with repurposed coffee grounds rescued from coffee shops across London. The ultimate candle for any cocktail lover - warming vanilla & rich coffee notes merge into an intoxicating & elegant scent that will transport your mum to her favourite cocktail bar. Coffee not her cup of tea? The UpCircle Beauty Chai Latte Candle is ready in the wings to whisk her away to a warm & relaxing corner in a café.

    3. For the Anti-Plastic Warrior 

    Your mum would do anything to save the planet, except she doesn’t quite know where to start? &Keep have created an amazing Plastic-Free Bathroom Starter Pack of simple plastic-free swaps. It’s practical, a brilliant place to start, and 10% of profits go to a charity providing access to clean drinking water. You can’t go wrong!

    4. To help her Relax 

    Help keep your mum cosy while we wait for summer and the sun to shine with this Gift Box by Thought. The bamboo socks are super soft AND come with a cute hemp & wheat bag for extra warmth. She can snuggle up with her favourite book and think of you – her favourite child who buys all the best gifts!


    5. To give her a Pamper

    Nothing says relaxed quite like a warm bath, a cold drink (bubbles?!) and a face mask session! The gently-detoxifying and clarifying UpCircle Beauty Face Mask is made with the finely-ground powder of olive stones left over by the olive oil industry. Olive stones are a powerful anti-inflammatory that, partnered with white kaolin clay, give this Face Mask the power to help fight blackheads, minimise large pores & with regular use, can even prevent breakouts. Suitable for use several times a week, leaving skin soft & supple – this is the gift that keeps on giving as your mum can pamper herself again and again.

    6. A little something to say I Love You 💕

    A gift for your mother & a gift for Mother Nature – this incredible Kabloom Wildflower Wonders Seedbom Gift Box is literally bursting with British Wildflowers. Kabloom's seedboms are environmentally friendly, help support nature and her wonderful keepers like the bees & butterflies - and they look bloomin’ beautiful too! Green fingers or not, who doesn’t love a wildflower?

    7. A slightly larger something to say I Love You 💗

    The UpCircle Beauty Hand + Bodycare duo are a powerhouse pairing - a beautiful gift that will remind your mum daily just how much you love her. The Hand + Body Wash upcycles kiwi water left over by the juicing industry – it’s crisp, fruity and housed in a beautiful green glass bottle. The matching Hand + Body Lotion saves the water left over from juicing bergamot – combined with grapefruit & lemongrass for an invigorating finish. These natural aand handmade skincare products aren’t just vegan and cruelty-free, they’re also helping to rescue over 100kgs of ingredients from going to waste every day!


    8. Shower her with Kisses & Presents!

    Hey, she made you – why wouldn’t you want to shower her with gifts? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat your mum to the UpCircle Beauty bestsellers. With the ‘hydration heroes’ of caffeinated Eye Cream, Vitamin-E rich Moisturiser, unscented Night Cream & a sumptuous Facial Serum, she’ll have everything she needs for a vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free skincare routine. Don’t want to waste paper with gift wrap? Pack those bestsellers together into the UpCircle Wash Bag made with Fairtrade cotton for an extra £4.95.


    Take a look at &Keep’s Mother's Day Cards & Gift collection - simply teeming with sustainable inspiration.