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black+blum Glass Lunch Pot Large


black+blum Glass Lunch Pot Large

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Lightweight, leakproof, microwaveable glass food container 

This beautifully designed large glass lunch pot is ideal for both carrying your food and eating from. For on-the-go, the bowl is 100% leakproof allowing you to keep it in your bag with confidence.

The fantastic feature of this glass container is that it can be microwaved unlike steel. The inner container is made from hand blown high quality Borosilicate glass which makes it lightweight, strong, recyclable and stain resistant. The silicone leakproof lid has a clever air release flap so it can be kept on during microwaving/oven heating to avoid food splattering (see instructions below).

The non slip base is made from 30% sustainable sourced wood fibre and polypropylene. This can also be microwaved and protects you from picking up the hot glass container once the food is heated.

The base includes a silicone ring on the bottom to help further protect the glass if dropped and stops the base from slipping/moving if on a vibrating surface like a train or airplane table.

The stainless steel lid screws on to the base for extra protection.


  • 100% leakproof
  • Microwave safe, including wood fibre base for easy handling when hot (not stainless steel lid)
  • Oven safe glass and silicone lid (not wood fibre base or steel lid)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • BPA free

Size: 9.5cm wide, 12cm high

Capacity: 600ml

Weight: 380g

Microwaving: Lift the silicone lid slightly and push the tab detail inside the glass bowl rim to create a gap. This ensures that the lid does not get sucked into the bowl during microwaving. Keeping the silicone lid on during microwaving ensures that the heated food does not splatter the inside of your microwave. The wood fibre base does not hold heat and makes it easy to remove the bowl from of the microwave without burning your hands. Two minutes maximum in one go. Stir and repeat if further heating is required.

Oven: When heating food make sure you preheat the oven first. DO NOT use the grill or allow direct contact with gas flames.

WARNING: Glass is susceptible to thermal shock. AVOID SUDDEN CHANGE IN TEMPERATURE – it will cause the bowl/pot to break. Do not place glass in preheated oven directly from the fridge (allow it to adjust to room temperature before placing in an oven). When you remove the glass from the oven DO NOT place on a cold surface or run under a cold tap.

Freezer: All parts are freezer safe. Be careful to avoid overfilling the bowl with liquid based foods as these will expand when frozen (by approximately 9%). Please allow to defrost fully before microwaving/re-heating (do not defrost in microwave).

Care: All parts are dishwasher safe, but we recommend top rack. To avoid thermal shock (sudden temperature change which will cause the glass to break), be careful to allow glass to cool after cycle, before exposing it to cold elements such as food or placing it in a fridge.

Do not attempt to close the steel lid onto the wood fibre base, without both the glass and silicone lid being applied.


black+blum put their heart and soul into every product they make. They want people to get as much enjoyment from using a black+blum product as they get from designing it.

black+blum design with a focus on sustainability, creating original products that inspire a sense of well-being. Products are designed with re-use and sustainability in mind, ensuring that they have a long life using eco-friendly materials wherever possible. 


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