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Leaf Vegan Wraps Relax & Rewax Refresher Crumbles


Leaf Vegan Wraps Relax & Rewax Refresher Crumbles

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Revive your vegan food wraps with these easy-to-use refresher crumbles

BeeBee 'Relax & Rewax' refresher crumbles will extend your vegan food wraps far beyond their year long life without shredding your knuckles on a grater!

With enough drops to refresh approximately six large (33 x 33cm) vegan wraps this will keep your favourites performing again and again.

Made with BeeBee's secret formula of sumac wax, Rice Bran wax and tree resin, you can quickly and easily revive even the oldest wrap.

Refresh your wax wraps again and again, but once you feel they have come to the end of their life then ensure you leave no trace by composting your BeeBee or using as a firelight on your wood-burning stove!

BeeBee & Leaf vegan wraps are available in a variety of sizes, designs and multi-packs. View our full range of wraps here.


BeeBee Wraps & Leaf Wraps (vegan) are ethical and sustainable from cotton grower through to production. They support their bee populations by actively working alongside their beekeeping communities to perpetuate the pollinating population and strive to reach zero waste and low impact in everything they do. 

Making BeeBee & Leaf wraps beautiful is very important to their maker, Kath, too. Why should the environmentally friendly option not enhance our own surroundings? These wraps are designed to be contemporary and inspiring.


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