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Doodle Dents Creative Art Booklet

£4.20 £5.95

Doodle Dents Creative Art Booklet

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£4.20 £5.95

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Let their creativity thrive with this innovate art craze invented by children!

Whether it's the seaside and wildlife, magical unicorns, dinosaurs or the more intricate colours of a butterfly, there is a picture for everyone in this booklet.

The original Doodle Dents booklet consists of 26 sheets with 4 fabulous designs (6 sheets of each) making it perfect to share with friends and family.

It's so simple - no instructions needed, just fill in the dents of this pre-pressed art book with whatever colours you wish.

A relaxing, fun and creative experience. No blue screen, no batteries plus maybe some peace and quiet too!  

These make a superb gift as well as keeping your little ones busy for hours. Fantastic at building fine motor skills and imagination, not to mention the sense of pride in their beautiful finished artwork!

Doodle Dents were created by 6-year-old Violet when she started doodling on a piece of kitchen roll, filling in the dents with bright colourful patterns.

Doodle Dents are produced in Hampshire, using natural and renewable FSC certified material whilst being 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 

A Christmas Special Edition (keep the little ones occupied at the dinner table!), Travel Wallet and Thank You cards are also available.


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