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Bamboo Cutlery Set in Jute Pouch

£8.95 £9.95

Bamboo Cutlery Set in Jute Pouch

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£8.95 £9.95

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The sustainable, plastic-free solution to single-use cutlery

Bambaw's bamboo cutlery set is the sustainable, plastic-free solution to single-use cutlery when eating away from home. Use at the office, on-the-go, camping, festivals, food markets, picnics and parties. Most disposable cutlery is plastic and non-recyclable. Sadly, they end up in landfills and oceans, taking hundreds of years to decompose. 

Lightweight, so easy to carry around, the set comes in a convenient jute pouch which rolls up and fastens with a popper. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and non-toxic. This is fully vegan with coconut oil applied to condition the bamboo.

The set is durable to withstand continued use. At the eventual end of its life, this bamboo set can be safely composted. The pouch can be washed and reused for years!

This bamboo cutlery set includes:

  • A 20cm bamboo fork
  • A 20cm bamboo knife with a serrated edge
  • A 20cm bamboo spoon
  • A 19cm bamboo straw
  • A cleaning brush
  • A convenient jute pouch

Choose from a variety of coloured pouches - Berry, Lagoon, Ocean or Olive.

The cutlery is dishwasher safe but we highly recommend hand washing to prolong the cutlery's life.

A miracle plant, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and is an endlessly renewable resource, growing new shoots from its root system after being harvested. It thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilisers, takes in greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than the equivalent trees.


Bambaw's mission is to rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which they call zero-waste swaps. Their zero-waste swaps are crafted with the lowest eco-footprint possible and under fair conditions through the whole production chain. Bambaw have a 100% CO2 Neutral supply chain.


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