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Organic Cotton Muslin Square


Organic Cotton Muslin Square

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100% Organic Cotton Muslin Square

Whilst a Muslin Square has become a must-have parenting accessory don't forget it can also be used for:

  • Brightening and exfoliating the skin; pair with a rich cleanser, let it work for a few seconds, then run the cloth under warm water and buff away. 
  • Inexpensive lip exfoliant; ideal if you get sore lips in the winter. Rub the cloth gently over any dry areas, and then finish with lip balm to moisturise.
  • Face Mask Accessory; When applying your face pack, keep your hair out of the way, by folding the muslin and using as a bandana, simply tie around your hairline to keep your hair where you want it.
  • Cleaning; Muslin is lint-free, which means it won’t leave any residue when you use it in your daily cleaning. It’s brilliant for dusting, but will also leave a gleaming result on any glass and windows too. 
  • Sieving homemade jams; Muslin cloths can be used to strain the mixture and remove any lumps of seeds, leaving you with a smooth preserve.
  • Citrus fruit squeezer; cover your lemon wedge (or orange) with a muslin before you squeeze it – it will catch all the pips but let the juice flow straight through.
  • Cheese making; Keep a muslin cloth close by and use to separate the curds from the liquid.
  • Moisture out of vegetables; When making Cauliflower rice, the secret is to drain the moisture out of the cauliflower, simple wrap the chopped cauliflower in muslin and wring it out as hard as you can.
  • Gift Wrapping; Planet friendly wrapping is easily achieved by using a reusable muslin cloth instead of throw away paper, team with a pretty ribbon to finish off the look in style

    Material: Organic Cotton

    Size: approx 60cm square

    Care: Can be laundered with normal load on cool and hung to dry.

    Please Note: This product is 100% packaging free and therefore does not come in a belly band.


    Tabitha Eve hand make beautiful bamboo and cotton products, making it easier to live a more sustianable lifestyle. Each item is made in the UK.

    Alongside using sustainably-sourced materials, all packaging used is plastic-free, just like ours!


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