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Ecoegg Reusable Laundry Egg 70 Washes - Jasmine


Refillable mineral laundry detergent especially for whites - chemical free!

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a unique and innovative laundry washing system that cleans clothes effectively, using two types of mineral pellets plus a small amount of detergent, encased in a recyclable egg. Kinder to the environment and kinder to your skin than traditional washing detergents.

Containing no harmful chemicals and kind to your skin, the ecoegg Laundry Egg completely replaces laundry detergent and fabric conditioner for 70 washes, giving you a kinder laundry solution.

Lightly fragranced for sensitive skin. Wash as low as 15ºC.

The white and black mineral pellets work together in the water to effectively draw dirt from your clothing fibres and soften your clothes by changing the pH of the water, leaving your laundry clean and fresh without using harmful chemical laden detergents. The white pellets do the cleaning and the darker pellets increase the efficiency of the white pellets by reducing the water surface tension. The egg itself helps to remove dirt and soften your laundry items.

The mineral pellets in the ecoegg Laundry Egg do not contain any petrochemicals, bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES, palm oil or microplastics.

You’ll need to replace your mineral pellets after approximately 2 months of use.

  • Replaces laundry detergent & fabric conditioner (70 washes)
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals, enzymes, chlorine bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES, palm oil or microplastics
  • Never tested on animals - suitable for vegans
  • 10 year guarantee on egg case
  • 'Allergy Friendly Product Award' from Allergy UK and rated excellent by Dermatest
  • Dermatologically tested and proven to leave less residue
  • Helps to reduce single-use plastic - save up to 40 detergent/fabric softener bottles a year
  • Kind to your pocket - just 14p/wash (& 10p per wash when refilled)
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Works in all washing machines 
  • No measuring & no mess

How to use:

We recommend cleaning your machine with an Ecoegg Detox Tablet so that any residue from previously used detergents or fabric conditioners are cleaned away.

Opening the Laundry Egg:

  1. Hold the Laundry Egg with the larger half pointing downwards and the button facing towards you.

  2. Hold the button down with your thumb or forefinger.

  3. Whilst holding down the button, move the smaller half to the right so that the triangles line up.

  4. When the triangles line up, the egg will come apart.

  5. Now empty three bags of white pellets and one bag of black pellets into the larger end of the egg case.

Closing the Laundry Egg:

  1. Hold the larger half of the Laundry Egg with the point facing downwards (the pellets should be in this half).

  2. Line up each half so that the triangles point to each other.

  3. Twist the top half to the left in the direction of the arrow until you hear a ‘click’ sound.

  4. Place the Laundry Egg on top of your laundry in your washing machine.

Ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants, 15-30% non-ionic surfactants.

Please read before use:
- Use one Laundry Egg with pellets for each normal wash load of 6-8kg
- Wash your coloured and white laundry separately and always follow the washing advice on your garment’s label
- The Laundry Egg can be used in High Efficiency (HE) washing machines
The Laundry Egg can be used for hand washing including delicates. Pre-soak the Laundry Egg for 5-10 minutes in the water before using.
- Only use the Laundry Egg up to 60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Farenheit
- Remove the Laundry Egg from the machine between washes to let it dry
- Replace the white and black pellets after approximately 70 washes, or when the pellets fall below the half way line of the larger pointed end of the egg
- Warning: The pellets may be harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, please seek urgent medical advice. Should contact with your eyes occur, immediately flush them with water or a gentle eye wash and seek medical advice. The ecoegg Laundry Egg is not a toy and should not be treated as one. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Packaging: Egg shaped case is recyclable (category 5). Box is made from FSC approved card and is recyclable. Box and instructions are printed using vegetable inks.
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