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Hand Sanitiser

Use the power of nature to clean away germs without any nasties, and take a look at our collection of nourishing, natural hand sanitisers.


Eco-friendly hand sanitiser is useful when you can't wash your hands with soap & water. Try these alternative eco-friendly hand sanitisers with natural, organic ingredients which are kinder to your skin and more moisturising than conventional hand sanitiser gels. The collection includes pump sprays, that minimise ingredients used and mean a little goes a long way, as well as non-rinse hand gel that is a great alternative to soap, helping you to keep your hands clean on the go. All products are plastic free, 100% natural and cruelty-free. Natural and organic formulas help to prevent against the dryness and irritation of big brand sanitisers and ensure the products are free from toxic chemicals. Several of our hand sanitisers include essential oils that, alongside alcohol, boost the natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of the product. Just as effective as conventional products, but without the damaging chemicals that are bad for the environment and that can dry out your skin. You can keep your hands clean, safe, happy and fragrant with our range of products built with you and the planet in mind.