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Award-winning high performing solid shampoo & conditioner bars that are KIND2 you and KIND2 the planet 💚🌍
These bars are soap free so pH balanced to be closer to your scalps natural pH level. There is no palm oil, parabens, plastic or silicones, just active plant-based ingredients to gently treat your specific hair needs.

Traditional liquid shampoo and conditioners are at least 80% water, requiring bottles - usually plastic - and harsh chemicals to stabilise ingredients. Remove the water and neither plastic packaging nor stabilisers are necessary. Plastic free, soap free and cruelty free, KIND2 solid formulas reinvent shampoo and conditioner, creating a fundamental difference in how haircare is made and used.

Made in the UK so supporting local industry and lowering the carbon footprint.

Great value for money; a KIND2 bar lasts for between 60 - 80 washes, two or three times as long as a 250ml bottle.

Low waste - packaged in recycled cardboard.