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Bamboo Duo Eyebrow Brush


Bamboo Duo Eyebrow Brush

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The Zao Bamboo Duo Eyebrow Brush is designed to apply Eyebrow Powder. It structures the look thanks to its dual use:

- the angled brush allows a precise application of the Eyebrow Powder for a very natural result.

- the brush caps the eyebrows and removes excess powder. It can also be used to separate the eyelashes and remove excess mascara.

As good brushes are essential for successful makeup, Zao has designed a wide professional range. The handles of their brushes are made of bamboo and their hairs are synthetic rather than natural because they are committed to fight against animal abuse. 

Size: Length 12cm approx; Handle 0.4cm diameter 

Care: Wash your brushes gently with cold water, mild soap and rinse well. Then dry them flat on a cloth. 


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