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Vegan, eco friendly cleaning products with a super low carbon footprint. Dissolve the tablets in warm water. NAIKED bring you a fresh and colourful assortment of cleaning products that creates new standards in the world of household cleaning agents and accessories. Cleanliness and sustainability go hand in hand.

NAIKED was founded in Hamburg, Germany. They are not naked, but their products almost are! NAIKED concentrates on the essentials out of their conviction to protect the planet. No gimmicks, no superfluous ingredients, no fillers like microplastics or other humbug that fills corporations' pockets but are bad for you and the environment. They don’t want to do that. They’d rather stay naked.

What do NAIKED want to achieve with this? The smallest possible ecological footprint. Switching to environmentally friendly products like these is not a big extra effort, but an easy step towards sustainable living. And all without having to pay overinflated and unaffordable prices. A perfect fit, don't you think?