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6 Bamboo Straw Set with Sisal Cleaning Brush


Looking for a fun alternative alternative to using single use straws? Try these reusable and biodegradable bamboo straws by the brilliant Bambu. We promise you will turn heads! They are natural, durable and direct from nature.

Did you know that one billion disposable plastic straws are used and discarded every day?

Each set of six straws comes with a Straw Brush made of stainless steel and natural sisal bristles for simple cleaning and years of sipping. 


  • Set includes six bamboo straws and sisal straw brush
  • Biodegradable and reusable
  • Hand washing in warm soapy water is recommended although can go in the dishwasher

Size: approx. 22cm long, 3-7mm diameter (this is a natural product so diameter varies - you will receive 6 varying diameters in a pack) 


  • Note: This is a very natural product and it does need washing before first use. If there is any pith on the inside of a straw, it can be brushed out and then washed. It is natural and edible so of no concern.
  • Wet bristles of straw brush before use for best cleaning results
  • Do not use bleach or cleaners containing chlorine or abrasives
  • Please note, we do not recommend putting the straws and the brush provided in the dishwasher.  Please wash using warm soapy water.

bambu design beautiful products for people and planet. A miracle plant, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and is an endlessly renewable resource, growing new shoots from its root system after being harvested. It thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilisers, takes in greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than the equivalent trees.

bambu produces safe, durable products that will withstand the toughest test: real life. They source materials locally and use local woodworkers, weavers and stitchers. They continually promote fair labour practices and safe working conditions, and 'green' their supply chain. These efforts have been recognised by leading associations and trade groups.

Born in Portland, Oregon (a place which prides itself on local, home-grown and eco-friendly values), bambu relocated to a place often criticised for its manufacturing processes, China. They wanted to harness the native resources endemic to China - bamboo.

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