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Organic Cotton Reusable Sanitary Pad - Maxi Petite


Organic Cotton Reusable Sanitary Pad - Maxi Petite


Completely washable and reusable these are maxi petite sanitary pads are ideal if you are a smaller woman or teen with UK trouser size 6-10. 

Maxi pads are made for your heavy flow days. The pads have four inner layers of organic cotton fleece for absorbency, a layer of waterproof PUL (PolyUrethane Laminated onto polyester) and are backed with organic cotton jersey. Poppers into snug fitting knickers.

It’s estimated that the average woman will use over 10,000 disposable menstrual products during her lifetime. Some brands of disposable sanitary pads are made up of 90% plastic, which is about the same amount as four carrier bags. Many products are flushed down the toilet so they end up directly in our waterways.

Choose a more eco-friendly way with washable and reusable organic cotton cloth sanitary pads (CSP's).

All Honour Your Flow pads are made from organic cottons and are made to fit the size you are. They are also really pretty. HYF believe these things are important! 


We recommend storing used pads in one of our wash bags, which keeps them discreet in the bathroom, and then can be thrown in the wash with everything else. 

Size: 23cm by 6.5cm at the narrowest part (approx)

Care: Machine washable up to 40 degrees. We recommend washing inside a wash bag (or a sock!) so they don't get caught in the door section of the washing machine.

All Honour Your Flow pads are pre-washed and ready to use. You should wash them with dark colours for the first few washes in case the dye runs a little. Can be washed on hotter cycles but most eco-friendly and effective wash is 40.

Made to a high standard of love and care in the UK, the pads are made individually by hand, and sometimes carry the quirks of uniqueness! They are all top quality and beautiful, made with only the best fabrics. Your HYF washable pads will last you many years.


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