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Prodigy Snacks

Prodigy chocolate bars are made from plant-based ingredients. They are also packed full of nutrients and are refined sugar free as well as gluten free. What's more, their packaging is 100% plastic-free which is a big plus for &Keep and our customers.

If you like the taste of the nation's favourite chocolate bars such as Snickers and Bounty, but you're looking for a plant-based alternative that still feels like a treat, but is a cleaner eat, then Prodigy chocolate bars are an ideal snack choice. They have created a natural revolution in snacking, creating smooth cacao chocolate made from totally natural ingredients and crammed full of vitamins. These chocolate bars are not only delicious, but they are free from refined sugar and artificial flavourings and are free from dairy, gluten and palm oil. The sugar content in every bar is below 20%. By using vibrant raw cacao nibs, natural sugars and sumptuous plant-based ingredients, each bar delivers an explosion of mouth-watering flavours. The packaging is all compostable and totally plastic-free, making them the ideal snack for the whole family to enjoy without worrying about the packaging ending up in our oceans. Flavours include coconut, chocolate orange, nuts and caramel, as well as plain chocolate bars. If you want chocolate that not only tastes incredible and does your body good but is made with our planet in mind, then Prodigy chocolate is definitely worth a try. They only use carefully sourced ingredients that don’t leave a hefty carbon footprint and are a brand that inspires change, something we, at &Keep, think is really important for creating a better tomorrow, today.