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Compostable Loofah Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap Holder by SOLIDU


Compostable Loofah Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap Holder by SOLIDU

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100% natural & compostable soap, shampoo or conditioner bar holder

This 100% natural loofah slice makes a perfect eco-friendly and compostable solid shampoo holder or soap dish! Simply produced as a zero-waste alternative to a traditional soap dish, the naturally porous structure of the dried loofah plant allows excess water to run through so the shampoo, conditioner or soap bar dries more quickly and lasts longer.

At the end of its life the loofah slice can be composted together with food waste and other bio waste in the home.

Size: approx. 1.5cm high x 7cm diameter, packaged in a recyclable brown paper bag

Please note that due to this product being a natural plant, sizes may vary considerably.

Material: Made from a natural dried loofah plant

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The idea for SOLIDU started when Founder Vaiva decided to get rid of all of her belongings to travel the world with only a backpack. Knowing she would be pressed for space, she discovered solid cosmetic products. When she returned home in 2017, she was inspired to make them herself.

Today, SOLIDU Cosmetics is an environmentally conscious, women-owned innovative cosmetics brand from Lithuania, creating low-waste solid body and hair care products packaged in environmentally friendly compostable boxes. The brand continuously aims to empower ambitious Lithuanian women to join a meaningful mission, with the team being around 90% female.

Plastic pollution is one of the major threats currently facing humanity. The cosmetics industry is a huge contributor to this plastic waste and Solidu decided from the onset that they wanted to be different. SOLIDU is changing the way the world looks at cosmetics and, in turn, is creating a better life for future generations.


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