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&Keep Rehoming Scheme

Do you have an item you no longer need, love or that has reached the end of its useful life in your home? We have put together this guide to help you discover how to send your exhausted goods on their next journey (not to the over-stretched landfill!).

Rehoming represents our commitment to sustainability, reducing waste and bringing warm, fuzzy feelings to our Keepers. Not only will you be freeing your possessions to have a new lease of life, you may also help the less fortunate, while improving the environmental and ethical legacy we’re leaving for future generations. 


Mend It 

If your item is broken and just needs some TLC but you are not sure where to start, there is usually a pool of advice on the internet, especially on YouTube. In the Search, enter “how to mend <item>”, i.e. ‘how to mend broken kettle’ and see what videos and tips are available.

If you do not have the tools required or don’t fancy tinkering yourself, there are Repair Cafe’s springing up all over the UK. Use the Visit page to enter your postcode and find your nearest, or look through the list by county. There will be an email address and phone number of the organiser so you can contact them about your item before making the trip there. They can organise a specialist repairer to be there when you are.

You will learn how to mend your item together with repair specialists. It may be you will continue the repair at home.

Feel like learning new skills and meeting more people? The Repair Cafe’s are always welcoming to new volunteers. If you just fancy a cuppa and a chat, they welcome you along too, even if you have nothing to repair. You may end up lending someone a hand with fixing their item or leafing through DIY books at their inspired reading table.


Repurpose It

Again the internet holds infinite ideas on how to repurpose items that you no longer love or need in their current form. As well as the usual Google search , sites such as Pinterest and Instagram provide infinite visual ideas. For example, search for ‘Repurpose cake tin’ in Pinterest and find ways to make a desk organiser, cake stand, lampshades and even a robot decoration for the garden!

Not feeling like getting creative and crafty - how about recycling your item?

Recycle It  Recycle Now &Keep

The Recycle Now website is a great place to start when looking for where to recycle in your local area. There is a brilliant ‘Recycle a specific item’ tool that helps you select the item, enter your location and tells you where to recycle it.

Enter your postcode in the ‘How to Recycle at Home’ section for information on your council’s recycling services - when your recyclable waste is collected or the website of your nearest recycling centre.

The Recycle Now website is a fantastic resource with a wealth of information, including videos on how to read recycling labels and a handy guide to recycling food waste.

If you need any help or advice, please drop us a line at


Send It to &Keep 

If your item cannot be fixed, reused or you are unable to recycle, you can contact us at with details of the item you wish to send to us. We will need the item’s dimensions and weight. We will email you back with specific instructions on how to package the item (preferably in recycled and recyclable packaging, like from a previous &Keep purchase!) and how to print a pre-paid address label.

Once your item arrives with us we shall assess whether it can be mended and reused, can be repurposed and sold*, can be given to charity to help those in need (a women’s refuge or homeless shelter, for example) or if it needs to end its ‘current form’ journey at our local recycling centre. We will keep you updated on the whereabouts of your item. You may even get a postcard! &Keep rehoming stamp

*any profits made from the sale of rehomed goods will be given to a selected charity each quarter. You can see which is the Charity of the Quarter on our Journal page.


Whatever element of the &Keep Rehoming Scheme you choose, we bet you’ll love the feeling of giving back to our people and planet.

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

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