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Bambaw Vegan Fibre Aluminium Shaving Brush

£9.95 £15.95

Bambaw Vegan Fibre Aluminium Shaving Brush

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£9.95 £15.95

A stylish vegan shaving brush to complete your sustainable shave 

Treat your skin and the planet well with this vegan shaving brush. Experience the pleasures of smooth and sustainable shaving without ingrown hair or irritation.

As self-care comes to the forefront of people's minds, traditional shaving is also making a comeback. After all, it's the best way to achieve a smooth shave without creating tons of waste!

A shaving brush is the greatest at foaming up shaving soap to create a rich lather that provides the smoothest shave. Using a shaving brush enables you to avoid shaving creams and gels that come in aluminium cans or plastic packaging.

This Bambaw shaving brush is crafted with the best materials to provide the finest shaving experience and be long lasting.

Smoothest Shave - Using a shave brush allows preparing the skin and hair properly for a great shave. Brushing the skin in a circular motion is best for softening hairs and lifting them away from the skin to enable the best shaving experience. Besides that, brushing also scrubs away dirt, dust and dead skin cells, which help to prevent spots and ingrown hair.

Vegan Bristles -The high-count bristles are made from nylon and designed to provide the best lather. Besides keeping the animals safe and sound, the Bambaw bristles do not smell, they dry faster and do not fall out. The softness of nylon bristles are designed to create the best lather without irritating the skin.

Long-lasting aluminium handle - Matching the Bambaw metal safety razor design, the shaving brush handle is made of metal. A 100% recyclable and impermeable material that also resists corrosion. The aluminium handle enables a tight grip and unlike resin-based handles, the aluminium handle is designed to last a lifetime. 

Ideal for beginners - The vegan shaving brush allows for a generous layer of lather which gives the perfect protection and enables the safety razor's blade to slide gently against your skin. Eliminate all kinds of razor burns with the proper preparation of your skin. By preventing ingrown hair and leaving your skin clear and smooth, it makes the Bambaw shaving brush the best ally for beginners!


Bambaw's mission is to rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which they call zero-waste swaps. Their zero-waste swaps are crafted with the lowest eco-footprint possible and under fair conditions through the whole production chain. 

Bambaw have a 100% CO2 Neutral supply chain. They offset their carbon footprint by supporting the construction of efficient cooking stoves in Malawi. This helps to reduce global CO2 emission as well as avoid deforestation and habitat loss.

Bambaw also sponsors 5 Gyres and the Plastic Soup Foundation.


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