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Beco Pets Hemp Rope Chunky Ball

£3.95 £4.95

Beco Pets Hemp Rope Chunky Ball

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£3.95 £4.95

Sustainable, fun dog toy & great for cleaning teeth!

Made from hemp and recycled cotton this chunky rope ball is strong and fun to play with.  Soft enough to keep your dog gnawing and a balanced weight to maximise throwing distance. Hemp’s short fibres mean it sheds safer, cleans your dog’s teeth and is from low impact farming.

The tough fibres of hemp rope act as a natural toothbrush, helping to scrub off the bad stuff that gathers on your dog's teeth throughout the day. The more they chew, the cleaner their teeth. The cleaner their teeth, the more they can chew. Hemp sheds in short fibres that are unlikely to cause harm if ingested and should pass through naturally.

Hemp grows in abundance without a need for pesticides. It grows incredibly dense and tall, freeing up precious arable land for other crops. It needs very little water and returns 60 - 70% of its nutrients back to the soil. 

  • Easy throw handle
  • Safer shedding
  • Low impact farming

Size: Small - 7.5cm diameter; Large - 9cm diameter

Supervise your pet during play. Replace when worn.

Love your pet, love our planet. Beco Pets are dedicated to making the highest quality products for your pets in the most sustainable ways possible. So you can focus on the important stuff - like belly rubs!

Founded in 2009, Beco ensure their products are ethically made to the highest standards. Materials and ingredients are ethically sourced and their manufacturing processes have the smallest carbon footprint possible. 


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