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Beechwood Toothbrush with Soft Charcoal Bristles by Georganics


Beechwood Toothbrush with Soft Charcoal Bristles by Georganics

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This adult toothbrush's handle is carved from sustainable FSC Swiss beechwood, suitable for your home compost. Every tree cut down is re-planted and excess material is used to heat up the factory. 

Made in Germany, these BPA-free, charcoal infused nylon bristles are soft and effective, ideal to use with the Activated Charcoal range. 

The hundreds of choices we make each day impact the environment. Sometimes it’s a big decision… sometimes it’s as small as changing your toothbrush.

  • Handle from compostable FSC Beechwood
  • High quality soft, charcoal infused BPA-free bristles, made in Germany
  • Packed in a compostable, recyclable cardboard box
  • Every tree cut down is re-planted in the forest

Care: Based on advice from dentists, we recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

Store upright, in a rack or cup, where it can dry out.

Over a billion toothbrushes in the US alone are used and disposed of each year, amounting to approximately 23,000 tonnes of landfill each year. The plastic they’re made of will not break down in our lifetime. Nor within the lifetime of our children or our children's children. Imagine that on a global scale.

A simple change for you - a big change for the earth.

When you need to replace your toothbrush: snap off the head at the marked line and the handle can go in your home compost. Collect 10 heads or more and they can be returned to Georganics, free post, with their Zero to Landfill Scheme. 


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