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Isle of Skye Candle Company Large Tumbler Soy Wax Candles

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Isle of Skyes large tumbler soy wax candle is their most popular candle type as it combines a strong scent throw with a long burn time. Although not quite as strong a scent throw as their 3 wicks (we sell them too!), it will still fill all but the biggest rooms with fragrance and will last over 45 hours.
To learn about why soy wax candles are good for you and the environment read our candle buying guide. We also have candle care guidelines in the same place.

Dimensions: 79 x 79 x 92 mm

Fragrance Choices:

Why not enjoy a purely lavender moment. This classic fragrance is so relaxing it is exactly what you need at the end of a long day. Light a candle, run a bath and relax.

Why not try Skye’s fruity Mango candle to give your home a fresh feel? Their natural soya wax has been infused with pure mango oil, giving you a taste of summer all year round!

Pimento & Cranberries
Sweetness at its core, our blend of cranberries, raspberries and blackberries is the perfect scent for those who love the sweet things in life. Mixed with pimento berries and clove oil to give it a slightly spicy top note.

Bohemian Rose
Recreate the beauty & romance of Skye with Bohemian Rose. This wonderful fragrance has been created by adding a dash of amber to subtly complement the rich rose undertones.

Bring Isle of Skye's lovingly handmade candles to any occasion with their unscented range. Perfect for enjoying at the dinner table without taking away from the smell of the food!

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