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Clothes Doctor Microfibre Laundry Bag


Clothes Doctor Microfibre Laundry Bag

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Trap tiny plastic fibres shed when washing your clothes with this Clothes Doctor laundry bag

Did you know, each wash load of synthetic fibres we do releases 700,000 microplastics into our water supply? Those particles can get into the food chain and cause damage to ecosystems. To date, microplastics have been found in around 600 marine species, and the decomposition of this pollution takes up to 450 years. Microfibres shed from clothing during washing are a significant source of marine debris, and now we have something to help you reduce your impact!

The Clothes Doctor Microfibre Laundry Bag is a practical way to reduce the countless tiny plastic microfibres that are released from our synthetic clothing during washing, from entering into our rivers and oceans. The bag even helps your clothes to last longer, as its soft surface results in fewer fibre losses! The fibres that do break off are captured inside the laundry bag, and can be disposed of responsibly.

It helps protect our planet, plus gives extra protection for your clothing from washing wear and tear. 

Clean Clothes - Clean Ocean

Simply pop your clothing into the Clothes Doctor Microfibre Laundry Bag and wash as normal in your washing machine. It may look simple, but the bag collects thousands of those microplastics and microfibres, preventing them from going down the drain and ending up back in our water supply. Good news for the turtles!

With the surge in fast fashion, and many clothes being made from plastic derived fabrics for cost purposes, this clever bag helps counteract some of the negative impacts of this trend. It also helps where garments have been made from recycled plastic or synthetic fibres.

Size: 73 x 48cm 

It's perfectly normal if you don't find any microfibres at first. They are very small and not obvious. Also, the amount of fibres lost or shed during the wash cycle very much depends on the fabric, material or structure so fibres maybe difficult to find with the naked eye, especially in a wet bag.

In addition, the Clothes Doctor Laundry Bag has been designed to prevent microfibre loss at source. Due to the smooth surface and structure of the material, fewer microfibres break off during washing. This ensures that your clothes are protected, pilling is avoided and fibre loss is reduced. The microfibres that nevertheless break off accumulate over time. You are most likely to find them in the corners or at the hem after a few weeks of use.


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