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Compostable Medical Grade Face Masks - Pack of 10


Compostable Medical Grade Face Masks - Pack of 10

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Fully compostable, biodegradable disposable face coverings

Fed up with battling the war on face mask waste that has raged on since the pandemic began?

Eco Green Living’s 100% compostable face masks are a plant-based product with no petrol-based additives. These certified compostable masks look and behave exactly like a surgical mask.

The commonly-seen disposable surgical masks are made from plastics like polypropylene and vinyl which will take hundreds of years to degrade. An estimated 194 million disposable masks are being used globally every month. Not these!

Once worn the mask can be put into your food caddy or garden composter and will take only 12 weeks to break down, compared to the staggering 400 years it will take for a plastic face mask to degrade. It is the obvious choice, keeping yourself protected and protecting the planet.

  • Pack of 10 masks
  • Bacterial and viral filtration> 98% (Complies with EN14683 Type II)
  • Medical Grade Type 2
  • No harmful micro-plastics or plastic residue is left behind
  • Completely earth-friendly and environmentally friendly
  • Made from non-edible organic materials – nothing is wasted
  • Developed using innovative technology
  • Packaged in a recycled and recyclable envelope
  • EN13432 compliant


Eco Green Living is an eco-friendly provider of plastic-free alternatives. Their team shares a joint passion concerning climate change, the environment, and how we as individuals choose to live our lives.

The small measures that people choose to take, create change and will impact the bigger picture. Their range of 100% certified compostable products and plastic-free alternatives are for home or business use in retail and hospitality. Their products are designed to replace everyday items that we dispose of frequently.


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