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Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle


Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle

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Make disposable plastic razors a thing of the past

Billions of plastic razors, and their packaging, find their way into landfills (and often the oceans) every year. They take hundred of years to decompose. Return to classic shaving with Bambaw's stylish double edge bamboo safety razor.

With a bamboo handle and a head made from brass and stainless steel, this unique safety razor is a brilliant plastic free alternative. Pretty much guaranteed to last lifetime due to these incredibly strong, durable materials. Unlike the 'blue or pink' disposable razors, this is an elegant unisex design providing a close shave for both men and women.

The Bambaw bamboo handle razor is available with a classic 'chunky' handle or slimline handle and with either a silver or dark head.

Fits all standard double edge razor blades (1 provided). They are available from all supermarkets and chemists. Changing inexpensive blades rather than constantly buying disposables is better for the planet and your pocket.

An excellent user guide can be found here, detailing how to assemble and clean your razor, how to best shave different parts of the body and even a recipe to make shaving soap (or you could buy from our range of shaving soaps). Please read the guide and do not shave as you would with a lighter disposable razor.

Achieve a closer, more professional shave without the hassle of ingrown hairs or irritation. 


Bambaw's mission is to rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which they call zero-waste swaps. Their zero-waste swaps are crafted with the lowest eco-footprint possible and under fair conditions through the whole production chain. Bambaw have a 100% CO2 Neutral supply chain.


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