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Red 'Wrapped Gifts' Handmade Wrapping Paper


Red 'Wrapped Gifts' Handmade Wrapping Paper


Eco-friendly, recyclable gift wrap for your conscious Christmas 

The bright red background is a perfect backdrop for the gold presents adorning this beautiful wrapping paper, perfect for Christmas and sending gifts all year round.

A natural, eco-friendly and exquisite handmade wrapping paper. The receiver will be overjoyed to be given a present wrapped in this colourful, screen printed paper. Wrapped carefully with Washi tape and the paper can be reused, otherwise recycled.

The Nepalese people are very proud of their traditional centuries’ old method of Lokta handmade paper-making and the fact that their business is helping to develop Nepal and its people.

Lokta is an indigenous plant from Nepal, harvested kindly so it does not disturb the forest ecology. The paper making process begins by cleaning the bark with a sharp knife and chopping it into small pieces.These are soaked in water for 5-6 hours, then a hot water and soda solution for 1-2 hours. After washing with cold water, it is hammered into a pulp. The pulp is poured into wooden frames which are lifted and tilted to the sun to dry as sheets. The lotta paper can be preserved for a long time and is bug-resistant. Any scraps are recycled again.

Your paper may be folded, not rolled, depending on the size of the other items in your order.

Sheet dimensions: 75cm x 50cm approx.


Shared Earth

Our Mission: "To improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefiting local community projects and keeping alive traditional skills that would otherwise be lost."

Shared Earth's policy is to provide quality, design-led products, not just to those who are already aware of Fair Trade principles. With Fair Trade sales showing no sign of slowing, more and more employment is being provided for artisans in developing countries, many of who would otherwise be out of work. At a time when global conflict seems also on the increase, Shared Earth's partnerships with producers are an invaluable way of building bridges, showing that people can work together for mutual benefit, no matter what their race, religion or culture.


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