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Ecozone Dryer Cubes


Ecozone Dryer Cubes

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Shorten tumble drying time and save electricity with Ecozone Dryer Cubes

Their funny looking bobbly bits cleverly lift and separate clothes and laundry, so air whooshes around more easily and dries them faster. In addition, the cubes relax the fibres of fabric, meaning there’s less need for large doses of fabric conditioner.

The clever cubes also smooth out creases and wrinkles, so ironing’s a doddle!

Use two cubes for every use. Not to be used in washing machines.

3 in 1 benefits:

  • Reduces drying time & saves energy
  • Softens clothes without chemical additives
  • Makes ironing easier by relaxing fibres

How to use: 

Simply place both Ecozone Dryer Cubes in the dryer with your laundry. Then let the clever variable node design soften your clothes and help reduce drying time.

Material: Thermoplastic rubber


Ecozone’s mission is to “make your home an ecozone”.

Ecozone’s aim is to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals found in our homes and to lessen household CO2 emissions in the process through our innovative & sustainable goods.

Their core mission and aim is to be ecological and ethical but performance and quality of each product produced excels beyond other leading eco and non-eco brands. This evidence is supported by independent product testing and reports. It’s not only eco, it’s powerful too!


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