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Greencane Bamboo Toilet Paper - 4 Pack


Greencane Bamboo Toilet Paper - 4 Pack

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Fed up with aisles of plastic-wrapped toilet paper when you go shopping? This pack of 4 sustainably produced, two-ply toilet paper rolls comes wrapped in paper (with a plant-based cellophane front panel).

  • Each roll has 300 sheets and is two-ply quality.
  • Equivalent to ‘long roll’ supermarket products but better for the environment
  • No plastic packaging (front panel is a plant-based cellophane)
  • Made from 70% recycled sugarcane and fast-renewable bamboo; and 30% certified wood pulp
  • Free from inks, perfumes, GMOs and BPA, septic safe and fast biodegradable

Why sugarcane and bamboo fibre?

Both sugarcane and bamboo are a type of grass, they are fast growing in tropical regions and are farm harvested on an annual basis. The farming of sugarcane and bamboo has an extremely low impact requiring few inputs other than sun and water.

By choosing Greencane you are sending a powerful message that you value our environment. 


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