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A natural, eco-friendly and exquisite handmade wrapping paper. The receiver will be overjoyed to be given a present wrapped in this colourful, screen printed paper.

The Nepalese people are very proud of their traditional centuries’ old method of Lokta handmade paper-making and the fact that their business is helping to develop Nepal and its people.

Lokta is an indigenous plant from Nepal, harvested Kindly so it does not disturb the forest ecology. The paper making process begins by cleaning the bark with a sharp knife and chopping it into small pieces.These are soaked in water for 5-6 hours, then a hot water and soda solution for 1-2 hours. After washing with cold water, it is hammered into a pulp. The pulp is poured into wooden frames which are lifted and tilted to the sun to dry as sheets. The lotta paper can be preserved for a long time and is bug-resistant. Any scraps are recycled again.

Please note: You will receive 1 sheet of a unique colour and print. If you have a colour preference please let us know in the Notes at checkout - there are greens, blues, oranges, purples, creams, pinks and blacks. 

Sheet dimensions: 75cm x 50cm approx.


The 'Maker' of this wonderful paper employs around four Nepalese hundred men and women who in addition to their statutory wages, receive bonuses, medical allowances, insurance, Provident Fund pensions and maternity allowance. They also provide scholarships for some gifted yet poor children within their local community to see them through school. In Nepal it is very difficult to get a job as an uneducated woman, but as a result of this company’s endeavours, many under-privileged women have benefitted, become involved in the industry and in turn improved their living standards as well as enabling self-empowerment.




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