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Huski Biodegradable Rice Husk Coffee Cup 14oz (400ml) - Pistachio Green


Huski Biodegradable Rice Husk Coffee Cup 14oz (400ml) - Pistachio Green

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A reusable closed loop solution to the disposable coffee cup crisis

Made from 100% recycled material. Rice husks are a waste product from farming rice. Untreated rice husk needs to be burned in order to disappear and that is terribly bad for the environment. Recycled rice husk, however, is biodegradable, meaning if you put it in the ground it will eventually dissolve. 

Twin-walled insulation keeps your drinks hot for up to 90 minutes, without burning your hands or using a silicone sleeve. This cup comes with a twist-on, rice husk lid. Flip over the loop to drink, then lock it back in place for leakproof drinking on the go.

Also available in blue and rose pink.

Size: 15.7cm tall x 8.8cm diameter

  • Non-toxic, BPA and silicone free
  • Leakproof lid
  • Twin-wall insulation
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Made with natural materials

Care: Handwash only

Note: Do not use in the microwave.


More Huski Facts

Rice husk is a naturally strong material, built of a naturally occurring silica that can help strengthen building structures. This means it can be used in things like cinder blocks, brickwork, and other building materials and it won’t collapse in on itself.

It resists moisture penetration - one of the qualities that makes it so good as a coffee cup!

The best thing about recycled rice husk is that it’s completely renewable. It can be reused again and again, and it won’t wear down. It’s incredibly resilient and can be used for a multitude of things. Better than this is that it’s cheaper than wood chips and completely termite resistant 💚


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