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Leaf Wrap Vegan Food Wraps 'The Family Pack' - The Tropical Collection

£20.75 £25.95

Leaf Wrap Vegan Food Wraps 'The Family Pack' - The Tropical Collection

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£20.75 £25.95

Reusable vegan wax wraps - goodbye plastic clingfilm

The plastic-free, vegan, planet-friendly alternative to clingfilm and the perfect pack for a family's needs. Anything from manchego to melon, biscuits to burritos, sandwiches to spinach, nuts, snacks... BeeBee has it covered.

The Tropical Collection pack contains five wraps: 1 of 18 x 18cm, 2 of 26cm x 26cm wraps, 2 of 33 x 33cm.

Nature moves in cycles, and everything created returns to the earth. Nature doesn't pollute itself, and yet here we humans are, creating billions of plastic destined for landfill and oceans for hundreds of years to come. These BeeBee wraps are made from organic cotton, Sumac wax, Rice Bran wax and tree resin, all of which will break down on your compost heap and return to nature.

Please note in your pack, you will receive 5 BeeBee Leaf plant-based wax wraps in a mix of designs that feature in the collection. You won't necessarily receive the design combination that you see pictured - one of the ideas behind the pack is to help eliminate waste so the designs are dependent on what stock they have at BeeBee HQ. 

How to Use: Using warm hands wrap around food to create a breathable seal. Play around and feel how they are malleable when warm and hold their shape when cold. 

Care: Hand wash in cold water and eco-friendly soap. Do not use in the dishwasher or microwave. Do not place on anything warm - it will melt the wax. 

If necessary recharge your BeeBee by ironing between two sheets of greaseproof paper, peel away while still wet and hold aloft until dry. Or place on a sheet of greaseproof paper at 130°C for a maximum of one minute. Remove immediately, carefully hold aloft until dry, a matter of seconds.

Love your BeeBee and it will last a year or more. Then ensure you leave no trace by composting your BeeBee or using as a firelight on your wood-burning stove! 


BeeBee Wraps are ethical and sustainable from cotton grower through to production and strive to reach zero waste and low impact in everything they do. 

Making BeeBee wraps beautiful is very important to their maker, Kath, too. Why should the environmentally friendly option not enhance our own surroundings? BeeBee wraps are designed to be contemporary and inspiring.


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