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milly & sissy Shower Crème Starter Set with Aluminium Bottle

£23.95 £25.95

milly & sissy Shower Crème Starter Set with Aluminium Bottle

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£23.95 £25.95

Plastic-Free Shower Crèmes & a stunning blush aluminium refillable bottle

The majority of skincare products contain at least 70% water which then has to be transported. When buying milly & sissy shower crème, no water is transported giving a 94% reduction in transport emissions.

The ultimate gift for you or a friend, combining beautiful aesthetics, sustainability and functionality, this set offers the lot! The perfect set to switch your showering to a more sustainable option.  

This Shower Creme Starter Set is a great way to get you started with these zero waste wonders (and if you can't choose a scent!) plus it will save you even more money. You'll receive 2 Shower Creme Refill Pouches (each makes 500ml of product), in Shea Tree & Passion Fruit. Plus the stunning milly & sissy aluminium bottle in Blush (holds 500ml - 1 sachet) with a bronzed metal pump giving you durability in the shower and offering you years of use. No need to have plastic in your shower again.  The bottle is handmade in the UK and comes with a gorgeous bronzed pump. This set will give you a total of 1 litre of shower creme - lots of deliciously scented, indulgent showers! 

Presented in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box, this unique set makes a great gift - if you can bear to part with it.

A light lather shower crème that will leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturised and clean, plus leaves your conscience clear knowing you've made a good choice for the planet 🌍 

The bottle can be refilled after every sachet has been used up! Simply give the bottle and pump a clean and start again.

All of the milly & sissy products are suitable for the whole family, even those with sensitive skin!

  • Made from 99% natural ingredients
  • Vegan
  • SLS, Paraben & Palm Oil Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Zero waste and fully recyclable

The powder is packed in a biodegradable sachet so you can put the sachet in the compost bin once it's finished. The labels will need to go in the regular paper recycling bin but milly & sissy are working on those being compostable too.

How to use: 

  • Fill the bottle with 400ml of tepid/room temperature water (if you prefer a more liquid (runny) crème you can add 450ml of water)
  • Loosen the powder in the sachet and pour into the bottle
  • Give it a good shake
  • Leave it overnight for all the ingredients to make friends!
  • In the morning give it another good shake and you are ready to go

Once made up, your product will be white with small, all natural 'moisture beads' still visible.

Size: 2 x 40g sachet - each will make 500ml of Shower Creme! Plus, a stunning 500ml blush aluminium bottle & bronzed pump.


Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Coco Sulphate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Parfum, Kaolin, Olea Europaea fruit oil, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Tetra-Sodium Glutamate Diacetate, Gluconalactone, Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Gluconate


milly & sissy have a passion for the environment, as well as animals, and are always looking for ways to improve their way of living to have less impact on our planet.

"We're all about doing our bit for the planet. The number of products we use on a daily basis creating tons of waste is becoming an ever increasing burden on our planet. Our aim is simply to try to reduce our negative impact on our environment; to help us all do just that little bit more in the struggle to consume less, waste less and pollute less. We believe that every single person can make a difference in fact, it’s only through every single one of us doing our bit that a difference will be made."


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