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Muehle Vegan Fibre Travel Shaving Brush - Black


Muehle Vegan Fibre Travel Shaving Brush - Black

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A fantastic vegan shaving brush your sustainable shave on-the-go

This stylish and sustainable shaving brush is super light at 41g. The handle is made with anodised aluminium (full recyclable at end of life). Unscrew the brush head and place it in the handle when travelling, allowing you to take your sustainable shaving kit wherever you go. No more wet wash bags!

The high quality 'Silvertip' synthetic fibres represent a world first of Muehle's own invention. The synthetic fibres resemble natural hair and are very soft at their fine tips. They create a luxurious lather when used with a solid shaving soap, the fibres massage the skin plus they are robust and, thus, more hard-wearing. Plus they dry more quickly than natural hair brushes.

This shaving brush is an elegant unisex design. Use with our Friendly Shaving Soap or Funky Citrus & Aloe Vera Shaving Soap. You can store these in our Soap Boxes when on the move and they make an excellent shaving soap 'dish' to use with your brush.

Achieve a closer, more professional shave without the hassle of ingrown hairs or irritation by using a brush, solid soap and a double-edge (plastic-free!) safety razor

Care: Let fresh water (max. temperature: 45°C) run into the middle of the brush head from above. Now, stroke repeatedly through the bristles from various directions until no residue of lather can be seen in the middle of the brush head. Do not use chemical cleaning products such as borax or vinegar – clear water is enough.


nom is a brand of the renowned German shaving product manufacturer, Muehle. The company is devoted to the mitigation of climate change, from the in-house photovoltaic system to their cooperation with local suppliers, the renowned manufacturer always thinks one step ahead in protecting the planet.


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