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Organic Cleaning Cloths - 2 Pack (1 soft, 1 scrubbing)


Organic Cleaning Cloths - 2 Pack (1 soft, 1 scrubbing)

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Do you use the coloured, two-sided plastic sponges with the scourer on top? Many of us do (did). They are practical and cheap BUT they slowly dissolve and end up in our environment as microplastic.

Toockies cleaning cloths are made of raw, GOTS certified organic cotton and natural jute plant fibres. These untreated plant materials are therefore compostable and biodegradable.

A fantastic sustainable alternative to the usual plastic sponges, scourers and cleaning cloths. These are non-abrasive and non-scratching so can be used on pots, pans, sinks, bathrooms and even to clean your vegetables!

  • Handmade under fairtrade conditions near Kolkata in India
  • Each product has the name of the knitter written on the packaging - you can even look her up
  • Not tested on animals and vegan 

Size: approx 19cm square

Care: Can be machine washed and dried to refresh after use. 

When ready to be disposed of, use as potting mesh or leave to recycle in your compost heap.


Toockies by Lavinia

Combine Nordic quality and durability with social responsibility and a Fairtrade project in India, and you get Toockies! An eco-friendly brand that is firmly showing the way to a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle.

All Toockies products are Fairtrade certified. The women who participate in this project are taught how to knit at a local community center, where a bathroom has been built just for them. The knitters take home a little roll of yarn, and once a week they drop off finished products, where a quality check is facilitated. There is a doctor present, giving the knitters and their children a free check up.


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