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Natural Grass Straws - Pack of 50


Natural Grass Straws - Pack of 50

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Looking for a fun alternative to single use straws? These will give your cocktail, juice or drink a delicious summer look.

These straws are made from 100% bullrush stems, meaning they are fully renewable, disposable and compostable/biodegradable. They are fully food-safe, gluten-free and non-toxic plus contain no preservatives or colourings. 

These natural grass straws give drinks a rustic, eco-friendly and 100% natural touch. They come in a pack of 50 so perfect for parties, picnics and entertaining. Great fun for children's parties!

Each straw is unique in its appearance. Their naturally non-porous surface means there is no need to worry about soggy straws dissolving in your mouth like some paper straws can. 

Odourless, tasteless, sterilised and hygienic, these straws can be used by adults and children. They can also be trimmed to size!

    Size: approx. 20cm long, this is a natural product so diameter varies slightly: 0.5cm average 

    Store your straws in a cool, dry place. As they are a natural product, they have an expiry date of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

    Reduce the need for single use plastic, one drink at a time.


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