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One Green Bottle Large Bamboo Spork

£2.45 £2.95

One Green Bottle Large Bamboo Spork

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£2.45 £2.95

Plastic Free Picnicking on the go with this large bamboo spork

With a spoon at one end and a fork at the other, this super-useful little utensil is the perfect size for travelling and food on the go. This long-handled version is ideal for a lunch box (including children's) and for picnicking it will soon become indispensable. Keep in your bag or desk drawer and you'll never be reaching for the plastic disposable cutlery again.

Bamboo is naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial. It does not impart or absorb flavours and is ideal for non-stick cookware. It is more durable than wood and heat resistant.

Size: 17cm long

Care: Can be washed in the dishwasher but, as with all wooden products, hand washing is recommended to prolong their life. Avoid soaking and do not use in the microwave.


One Green Bottle have a clear mission - to produce sustainable reusable alternatives to plastic single-use bottles, ethically & with purpose. That way you have high quality, reliable, safe & affordable bottles with a conscience.

They insist on no plastic waste throughout their entire production cycle.

In addition to being an impact partner with Plastic Bank (for every bottle sold they reclaim 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean and provide in income to poverty stricken regions), OGB are looking at using recycle ocean plastic to make their sports caps.


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