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Organic Cotton Dish Cloths


Organic Cotton Dish Cloths

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Sumptuous Organic Cotton Dish Cloths for your Sustainable Home

Keep your home and the planet clean with these organic cotton dishcloths. These knitted cotton dishcloths make a useful and attractive addition to your kitchen - practical and stylish. They are highly absorbent and durable and most importantly washable, reusable and plastic free!

These dishcloths are super versatile, use them for cleaning countertops, doing the dishes, or even as a mini hand towel. Pair this dishcloth with the organic cotton hand towels for a stylish eco-kitchen.

Many of us don’t realise our dishcloths are made out of plastic microfibres. Every time you wash synthetic fabrics, millions of microfibres are released into the waters. These fibres are too small to be filtered out by waste treatment plants, so they end up in our waterways and oceans, where they wreak havoc on marine animal health and our environment. These plastics make their way into the bellies of marine animals and humans too.

Once you are done with your dishcloth, cut it into strips and place it into your compost bin, it will then fully biodegrade back into our earth.

  • Useful hanging tag allows you to hang it up between uses
  • Can be used for dishes or as a general cleaning cloth
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Dyed to Oeko TEX Standard 100
  • Naturally biodegradable

Available in a choice of 5 colours - Ocean, Dove Grey, Rose, Slate Grey & Moss Green.

Size: 25cm x 25cm

Care Instructions: Rinse off your dishcloth first to avoid getting build up in your washing machine, then throw them in the washing machine on a hot wash. You can put your dishcloths into the tumble dryer but avoid fabric softer as it will reduce their absorbency. If your cloth has a smell, soak them in warm water with vinegar before you wash them.

Wild & Stone started with a personal quest to find a non-plastic toothbrush for their daughter. So they made their own! Their products have been sourced and created in a conscious way, creating minimal social and environmental impacts on their journey from raw materials to the consumer. Their products are bespoke and have been adapted over time based on testing and customer feedback.


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