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100% bamboo hairbrush made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. This fully biodegradable, plastic-free bamboo hairbrush (even the pins are 100% bamboo!) will not damage the hair like a standard plastic pinned brush. It has completely smooth edges and cushioned bristles with rounded ends – perfect for gentle, nick free, detangling and will help create a sleek and shiny finish.

Bamboo brushes create less staticCue the science. Plastic brushes increase the electrical charge so as it slides through, the charge is transferred to your hair and you get static. Wood has a neutral charge, so static is reduced (or often disappears), which is basically much more ‘zen’ for your hair and allows it to lay down (or up) and chill.

The cushioned bristles and rounded ends are perfect to stimulate and massage the scalp. This stimulates follicles to promote growth and increases sebum production, which means softer, more moisturised hair.

Environmentally friendly - let’s shed a little light on the amazing bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? It grows 24 – 48 inches per day, enabling fast and frequent harvesting without causing damage to the bamboo forest ecosystem. Bamboo also has a unique antibacterial quality making it naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odour resistant.

Length: 25cm

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