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Oval Beech Wooden Hairbrush

£8.95 £9.95

Oval Beech Wooden Hairbrush

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£8.95 £9.95

This 100% beech wood hairbrush is fully biodegradable, sustainable and plastic-free (even the pins are wood) will not damage the hair like a standard plastic pinned brush. It has completely smooth edges and cushioned bristles with rounded ends – perfect for gentle, nick free, detangling and will help create a sleek and shiny finish.

Wooden brushes create less staticCue the science. Plastic brushes increase the electrical charge so as it slides through, the charge is transferred to your hair and you get static. Wood has a neutral charge, so static is reduced (or often disappears), which is basically much more ‘zen’ for your hair and allows it to lay down (or up) and chill.

The cushioned bristles (natural rubber cushion) and rounded ends are perfect to stimulate and massage the scalp. This stimulates follicles to promote growth and increases sebum production, which means softer, more moisturised hair.

All Keller brushes are FSC certified. The FSC label is granted to wooden products that come from responsibly managed forests or plantations – certified in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Size: 22cm long x 6.5cm wide; 9 rows of wooden bristles

Care: In order for you to enjoy your hair brush for a long time to come, we recommend that you clean it and care for it regularly. First, free your brush from loose hair and dirt. Next, dip the bristles only in warm soapy water, moving back and forth to wash them. Take care not to get the brush body too wet in order to prolong the life of the wood. Rinse the brush well in clear water and then place it on a cloth to dry. The bristles should point down. Never leave a brush to dry near a radiator – room temperature is ideal.


Keller brush manufacturers are a family-owned business, making brushes in a Black Forest valley, Germany, since 1869. The complete end-to-end process of making their sustainable brushes is in their German factory, from shaping raw wood, to packaging the finished product.

They consider the environment every step of the way - wood shavings are re-used to heat the building and in the wood-drying process. As an FSC-certified company, Keller support an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of our earth’s forests. Waxes and oils used are ecologically sound.

A leading producer of hairbrushes global, they only select high quality raw materials.


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