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Pack of 4 Cellulose Reusable Compostable Dish Cloths


Pack of 4 Cellulose Reusable Compostable Dish Cloths

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These absorbent, sunny coloured cellulose dish cloths will help you rid those plastic-filled J cloths from your kitchen and home in no time.

Hygienic, durable, environmentally friendly, reusable & fully biodegradable.

Compostable sponge cleaning cloths made of natural renewable raw materials, cotton, wood pulp & flax. They are more absorbent than the supermarket sponge cloths and also are plastic free so they do not emit micro-plastic pollution either.

These sponge cloths are particularly absorbent, durable, resistant to tear and abrasion. They absorb liquid quickly and retain up to 10 times its dry weight in water.

  • 100% plastic free and made from plants
  • A set of 4 fully biodegradable sponge cleaning cloths
  • Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and all around the house
  • Very absorbent
  • Reusable over and over again, then compostable at home
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Lint-free and pleasantly soft
  • Made in the UK

Size: 18cm x 20cm

Care: Either hand wash with dish soap or wash in the washing machine on a cold cycle (30ºC). If they are heavily stained you can soak in cold water. Hang dry - do not tumble dry. 


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