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Set of 3 Hand-Carved Coconut Wood Cutlery by Huski Home


Set of 3 Hand-Carved Coconut Wood Cutlery by Huski Home


This fabulous cutlery set is made from the wood of coconut trees that no longer bear fruit. These trees are cut down to be replaced with fruit-bearing trees and so these pieces repurpose the wood that would otherwise be wasted. Another brilliant example of the closed-loop circular economy.

Each piece is unique with individual markings.

Pair the cutlery set with a matching coconut bowl.

Size: Spoon 19cm long, knife and fork 20cm long, all sizes approximate.

Care: Handwash only. Do not wash or soak in very hot water.

Rub regularly with coconut oil to hydrate and prolong the life of your fork.


Huski Home

Huski Home is a family-run company that creates biodegradable coffee cups and puts sustainability at the top of the priority list. We join the ranks of retailers pledging to reduce their environmental impact so we can see a changeable future.

"At Huski Home we utilise what is biodegradable and earth-friendly- and we’re proud of that."


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