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Sola Plant Christmas Bauble

£1.95 £3.95

Sola Plant Christmas Bauble

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£1.95 £3.95

Stunning handmade decoration made from plants

This beautiful Sola plant bauble is made from the soft inner wood of the plant. The plant grows quickly and is a 100% renewable resource!

Sola products are made from sholapith, also known as Indian cork. This light-weight spongy wood is almost like nature’s equivalent to polystyrene! Traditionally, sholapith products are carved to decorate Hindu temples and create accessories and headgear for brides and grooms. More recently, artisans have begun to use their skills for handicrafts such as this gorgeous Christmas bauble.

Size: approx 8cm diameter

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Shared Earth

Our Mission: "To improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefiting local community projects and keeping alive traditional skills that would otherwise be lost."

Shared Earth's policy is to provide quality, design-led products, not just to those who are already aware of Fair Trade principles. With Fair Trade sales showing no sign of slowing, more and more employment is being provided for artisans in developing countries, many of who would otherwise be out of work. At a time when global conflict seems also on the increase, Shared Earth's partnerships with producers are an invaluable way of building bridges, showing that people can work together for mutual benefit, no matter what their race, religion or culture.


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