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HALM Straight Short Glass Straws - Pack of 6


HALM Straight Short Glass Straws - Pack of 6

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Hygienic, reusable, extra durable and 100% taste-neutral

These sturdy, stylish & sustainable glass straws are the bartender of the collection! Use them as a handy stirrer too! Sip elegantly from a tumbler, martini or wine glass.

HALM straws are BPA-free, toxin-free and recyclable, meaning they help to keep the environment clean and green. They are the only straw to be completely tasteless.

Glass has an honest soul. You can see all the impurities and dirt instantly, their smooth surface making them the most hygienic straw you can own.

You may be nervous of the glass breaking but these are super strong and durable, designed to last a lifetime. Yes, they are great for children too not just for their robustness, they have smooth round edges for a safe drinking experience. We have banged them on a table and dropped them from head height and they remained intact. You have to see it to believe it!

This set contains 6 straight glass straws and a handy plastic-free cleaning brush. The straws have a tiny Halm logo etched on them.

Size: 15cm long

Care: These straws can go in the cutlery rack of the dishwasher, on the rods or laid down (if not full of smoothie 😀). They can be hand washed in hot soapy water. A natural-bristle brush is also provided for removing any dried-on drink.

HALM straws are also available as a Mixed Starter Pack, Bent Long Pack or Straight Long Pack.

Plastic Straw Facts

  • 3 BILLION plastic straws are used and discarded every day. That's equivalent to the weight of 500 Orca whales!
  • On average, a straw is used for just 15 minutes.
  • Plastic straws take 3-500 years to break down into micro plastics, which are then found in our oceans, water and food chain. This does not just affect humans but all life on this planet.
  • Plastic straws are amongst the Top 10 most found waste on beaches.



Based in Berlin HALM is on a mission to stop the use of plastics in the supply chain, ultimately creating a more sustainable future for generations to come. So far they have stopped the use of 1,000,000 plastic straws every day. All of their products are completely plastic free and manufactured in Germany.


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