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Upcycled Luxury Cashmere Wrist Warmer Mitts


Upcycled Luxury Cashmere Wrist Warmer Mitts

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Luxuriously cosy warm mitts - beautifully repurposed

Lovingly crafted from repurposed cashmere offcuts, these sumptuously soft mitts wrist-warming mitts are a marvel. The blood in your hands cools from the wrist because this is where the veins are closest to the surface. Keep them wrapped up all day and your hands (and you) will stay so much warmer - we promise. Give it a try, you'll be amazed!

Each pair is made with the resources Chloe Haywood has at the time of making, so each pair is unique. Upcycled and beautifully soft 100% cashmere wool is made into a comfy mitts.

Upcycled - Sustainable - Organic - Handmade in the UK

Perfect for mums on the school run, or the daily commute. Keeping hands toasty whilst still fingers available to dip into purses for change or to check your diary on your phone. A favourite with arthritis suffers, people with poor circulation and the elderly too.

The mitts can be worn long or scrunched up at the wrist.

Size: The wrist warmers measure approximately 19cm long and 10cm wide at the wrist but softly stretchy!

Care: Best washed by hand in a mild detergent.


PLEASE NOTE: the colour combination you receive will be random. The photograph is representative of what we had in stock at the time.

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