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Earth Lovers Reading List

Earth Lovers Reading List

As the nights begin to draw in, we’ve put together a list of our favourite eco-reads to cosy up with this Autumn. 

Rewild Yourself: 23 Spellbinding Ways To Make Nature More Visible
Simon Barnes

Simon’s enthusiasm for nature is infectious, whether it’s his suggestions to gain a super-power through waterproof trousers, or to increase your awareness of nature by learning a few species of butterfly. The beauty of Rewild Yourself is that it doesn’t implore you to set out on a great expedition, but gives simple ideas and tips on how to incrementally bring more nature into your life.

Let My People Go Surfing

Yvon Chouinard

This book from Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, not only explains his companies ethos, but also details the wayward beginnings of a man responsible for revolutionising how outdoor brands are structured. From early beginnings making climbing essentials, to how employees at Patagonia are given flexible working conditions so they can surf, this inspiring read is perfect for anyone plotting a pioneering new venture.

My Side Of The Mountain
Jean Craighead George

An illuminating read for younger readers, My Side of The Mountain is still a beautiful escape for adults too. The story of a young boy who decides to live off the land in the middle of a forest. It makes you question how we have lost skills such as foraging and identifying edible flowers. Think Walden, but easier and more approachable.

No. More. Plastic: What You Can Do To Make A Difference
Martin Dorey

Dorey is the man behind #2minutebeachclean, an initiative that has made a huge impact to UK coastlines. A great little book which shows just how urgently we need to stop being so reliant on convenience. This is definitely the kind of book that when you finish it, you’ll be passing it on so that friends and family can adopt some sustainable changes too.

Jessie The Jellyfish
Laurie Newman & Sophie Cregan
This new children's picture book is filled with amazing illustrations, explaining the disastrous effects of plastic pollution. Fun, engaging and with an easy rhyming flow, this book simultaneously educates youngsters without being too serious. Jessie The Jellyfish is bound to be a bedtime favourite.


The John Muir Wilderness Essays
John Muir

This Scotsman who helped found the American National Park Service has a certain way with words, particularly when it comes to describing wild open spaces like Yosemite and the High Sierras of California. Dip into these essays for ultimate inspiration for long autumn hikes on the trails, or extended Sunday walks in the woods.

Zero Waste Home
Bea Johnson

If you’re looking for some zero waste living inspiration, then the foremost authority in this space is undoubtedly Bea Johnson. Pragmatic and to the point, Johnson takes you through everything from the 5R’s, to one of the most minimal, but liberating lifestyles available to us.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life
William Finnegan

The autobiography of a staff writer from the New Yorker who spent his formative years chasing swells around the globe. You don’t get a staff gig at the New Yorker for nothing and the writing in this book is as beautiful as it is mesmerising. Whether it’s hunting waves to surf in remote regions of Indonesia and the South Pacific, a childhood spent in Hawaii, or riding waves in South Africa. Finnegan brings you into this world without unapproachable ‘far out’ surf lingo, but with a refreshingly detailed insight into a life dedicated to the ocean.


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Happy reading!