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Oceansaver was born out of a love of the sea and concern over increasing single-use plastic waste. They are committed to creating home cleaning solutions with plant-based ingredients that are totally biodegradable, lab tested and proven to work. Their range of products provide a plastic-free, non-toxic cleaning solution for every room in your home.



Oceansaver's revolutionary drops were developed to combat single-use plastics in home cleaning and help preserve our oceans, the plants, the animals and other organisms that live in them. The fully biodegradable drops are proven to work and are super simple to use. Add one drop to an empty plastic trigger bottle, fill with water and shake – don’t throw away any old cleaning bottles, reuse them with the ocean drops. There's a plastic-free non-toxic cleaning pod for the bathroom, kitchen, floors, glass and their bestselling antibacterial multipurpose Ocean Mist. Small change, big impact. Choosing greener, plastic free cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients not only gives you a healthy home but a happy planet. The world has a plastic problem. Oceansavers offers a revolutionary product that removes the need for single use plastic from your household cleaning routine entirely. Oceansavers have also developed the Bottle For Life. 100% recyclable and endlessly reusable if you do not have any bottles of your own at home to reuse.