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Climate Change

Welcome to our &Keep Climate Change Hub. Here you will find information on the climate crisis this planet is facing, definitions, jargon-busters, hints and tips on reducing your personal carbon footprint and therefore how to positively impact climate change.

If you're a small business making the pledge to reach Net Zero in line with the UK government's and the UN's #RaceToZero 2050 pledge, we've written an inspiring Business Toolkit to get you well on your way.

Do check back regularly as we will be adding more and more to this 'info bank'. Can't see the info you need, let us know! We're here to help.


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Climate Crisis &Keep


For Small Businesses:

Becoming a Net Zero Hero - The Small Business Toolkit - If you're a small business looking to become Net Zero in the UK's #RaceToZero campaign, this toolkit is here to guide you.


For Everyone:

The Naked Truth: What Happens if Our Planet Warms Up? - Finding it difficult to visualise or comprehend how a minor rise in global temperatures can cause truly catastrophic effects? This Naked Truth brings clarity to the crisis.

The Naked Truth: Why Killing Nature Will Kill Us - Humankind is under threat due to our eradication of countless animal and plant species. But what does this imbalance mean, and what can we do about it?

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding your carbon footprint? We’ll help you define what it means & how your consumption patterns affect it.

Top 5 Things You Can Do At Home To Fight Climate ChangeWanting to reduce your carbon footprint? Here's five tips to get you started in reducing your carbon emissions.

The Naked Truth: The High Cost of Food Production - Pursuing a more sustainable life can throw up many uncomfortable & difficult hurdles. Dive into the terrifying truth of the true cost of our food.

In Simple Terms: What Does Net Zero Mean? - What does net zero mean, why is it necessary and how can we all play a part in the fight against climate change.