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Our Story

The Little Red Van

(An idea that started without us knowing)

&Keep is an idea that started without us knowing it, in a little red van touring across Europe. During our adventure we learned to love living with less and experienced the freedom it gave us. Back then we thought we were exploring the world, seeking new things and escaping the rat race. Now we see we were developing a mindset; a niggle to listen to and an urge to follow.

Have fun, be free

(A new way to buy things)

At &Keep, we only sell items with forever in mind - eco friendly, sustainable, reusable. By providing ways to recycle, re-use or mend your unwanted goods with our Rehoming scheme, we’re taking better care of tomorrow. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to acquire mindful goods with the protection of the planet at heart; and to choose the unseen makers of the world - items with rich stories behind them. We love function: knives that don't cut, blankets that don't comfort, toys that break when played with...they have no place with us. And nothing makes the grade with us unless it's fun; our possessions need to put a smile on our face, right?

Invest in the future

(... by repurposing your treasures)

By recycling or returning treasures you no longer have a need or use for, we’re offering you the chance to invest in the future, to give back - potentially to others less fortunate, and definitely to the planet. We provide you with the tools to reuse, recycle or mend your exhausted goods. If you return them to us, we’ll see them to their new homes on your behalf. You may even get a postcard!


Every item tells a captivating story. Every maker, inventor or producer has a rich and exciting tale to tell. And we bring Keepers closer to the people (and planet) they support.

A shop unlike any other

(United by our planet-friendly philosophy)

The &Keep way isn't just about mindfully selecting our cherished belongings. Beyond that we wanted to find a tribe of people who care about where their possessions come from and their impact on the environment, as much as how they work. We're thankful to have found you. Welcome aboard our little red van. We're glad you're here.

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