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Bathroom Cleaning

Whether you want cruelty free surface cleaners, multi-purpose bathroom cleaning sprays, eco-friendly refills, or zero waste hand wash, our natural and vegan eco-friendly bathroom cleaning supplies are made from recyclable, non-toxic materials. 



Make your eco-friendly bathroom cleaner in a healthier way with 100% natural and vegan-friendly cleaning products. Our collection of eco-friendly cleaning products include zero waste multi-purpose surface cleaners, glass and mirror cleaners, floor cleaners and vegan hand wash. Eco-friendly is kind to the planet, but tough on dirt so you can achieve a sparkling clean bathroom without the need for harsh chemicals or excess packaging. We also stock natural loofah cleaning pads, natural, organic coconut and natural wood scrubbing brushes to use with our eco-friendly bathroom cleaners. They are durable, but will naturally biodegrade at the end of their long life, returning to the earth they originally came from. Our range of eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products also include antibacterial sprays and hand sanitisers - perfect for any plastic-free bathroom. Brands include Ocean Saver, Milly & Sissy, Iron & Velvet and UpCircle. Choose beautiful refillable glass bottles for your plastic-free, eco-friendly bathroom products. Not only do they look nice in your bathroom, but they are long-lasting and zero waste. Our plastic-free refill sachets are plant-based and 100% vegan, plus they fully dissolve in water. Keep your bathroom clean and smelling naturally fresh with eco-friendly cleaning products from sustainable brands that are passionate about our planet.