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No need for plastic bottles in the bathroom when you have solid natural conditioner bars or liquid conditioner in stunning, reusable glass bottles. Our eco-friendly, natural conditioners strengthen and clean your hair with no need for chemicals. Suitable for all hair types, we have a natural, plastic-free conditioner for you. 



If you are looking to make the switch from chemical-based hair care products to a natural organic, cruelty-free alternative, this collection was created for you. There are a bunch of nasties in many big brand conditioners including SLS, parabens and phthalates – you won't find any of them here. With brands like Friendly Soap and Funky Soap in the collection, you’ll be able to find natural hair care products for all hair types. No ocean-clogging plastic bottles either because all packaging is plastic-free, recycled, refillable or biodegradable. 

From conditioner bars made from goats’ milk, to those enriched with argan oil, tea tree, avocado oil and coconut milk, you’ll discover natural plastic-free alternatives that can strengthen as well as clean your hair. All of our natural conditioner bars are completely plastic-free, sustainable, and zero waste because they are wrapped in paper, cardboard or reusable glass bottles. All our plastic-free conditioner bars and liquids are free from artificial fragrances that can cause skin irritation and can actually dry hair out. Natural, organic ingredients are moisturising and kinder to your scalp. Many of our natural, plastic-free conditioners are vegan and all are cruelty-free. If you’re trying to reduce the plastic footprint in your household, or trying to limit the number of chemicals your family is exposed to, then this collection is for you.