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Hairbrushes & Combs

If you're looking for the perfect addition to your natural, eco-friendly hair care routine, then our beautiful, sustainable bamboo or wood hair brushes and combs have natural bristles making them plastic-free and vegan friendly. What more could you ask for in your plastic-free home?


Our range of hair brushes, combs and beard combs are 100% plastic-free and made from sustainable, natural materials like bamboo, natural beech wood and natural rubber so they are ideal for those wanting an eco-friendly hair care routine. Plastic hair brushes and combs are widely available and, often, we buy them without thinking of the consequences to the environment. Natural. plastic-free alternatives are very easy to find and we have a great range right here. From full size plastic-free hair brushes and combs, to mini versions that are great to pop in your handbag or use as a travel hair brush, our range has been created with soft, protected hair in mind. Our coloured mini eco hair brushes are stained with natural dyes so they are safe for children who may pop them in their mouths. All the wood used in our plastic-free hair brushes and combs come from responsibly managed forests or plantations so they are completely sustainable. Created to be suitable for all hair types, our eco-friendly hair brushes and combs are durable and made to last so you won't need to replace them for a long time. When they do reach the end of their long lives, they will return to the nature they came from and are completely biodegradable.