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Eco-Friendly Essentials for Your Outdoor Adventures This Spring

Eco-Friendly Essentials for Your Outdoor Adventures This Spring

This year, Spring officially begins on the 20th March - a date that couldn’t come soon enough! We do love the cosiness of winter, but after a lot of cold weather, rain, and a big old storm or two, we’re ready for some sunshine.

If you’re like us, you’re probably already planning your outdoor adventures for warmer days and gearing up to make the most of the great outdoors again. Just make sure you’re ready when the sun comes out with these eco-friendly essentials for outdoor adventures. Enjoy!


1. Don't forget your hot drink!

For many of us, one of the joys of getting outdoors is the moment when you sit down and pause for a refreshment. That moment of calm reflection as the sun warms your face is heavenly. This Spring, bring your own teas and coffees on your excursions with a reusable coffee cup, cutting down on your waste and saving money at the same time.

We have a wide range of eco coffee cups at &Keep, but one of our favourites is the Circular Cup. Made from recycled materials right here in the UK, the whole company is ethically fantastic, and the cup is completely leak-proof making it perfect for being popped into your bag when you’re on the go!

2. Wrap up your snacks without plastic

Food wraps are currently all the rage in the zero-waste world, and for good reason, too! These brilliant alternatives to single-use cling film and tin foil could save you tons of waste and instantly make your outdoor life a little more sustainable.

We have fantastic beeswax wraps, like these gorgeously patterned ones from Emma Bridgewater that are bound to be a crowd-pleaser, and vegan food wraps from the National Trust that support bee conservation work around the UK. Give them a go when wrapping up your packed lunch and see what you think.

3. Eco-friendly plasters for any scrapes

Whether you’re traipsing through the woods or hiking up hills this spring, cuts and grazes are bound to happen - it’s all part of the adventure! But, did you know that most plasters are made from plastic? Rather than adding to the world’s plastic pollution when you get into a little scrape, try our bamboo alternatives for a plaster that won’t still be here in a hundred years. Organic, hypoallergenic, and infused with healing aloe vera, they’re better for your skin and for the planet!

4. Stock up on plastic-free camping essentials

Camping, spring, and the English countryside is as good a match as strawberries and cream. This year, rather than stocking up on tiny plastic toothpaste and shower gels, do the planet a favour with some plastic-free essentials. What better way to say thank you to the beautiful land you’re staying on than by ditching plastic? We’ve got you covered with a pack of sustainable camping essentials, including a soap bar, deodorant and suncream, all of which are completely sustainable and plastic-free.

5. Enjoy and respect the planet with &Keep

At &Keep, we love to get outdoors and make the most of the gorgeous landscapes we have around us. That’s why we have such an extensive collection of out and about sustainable goodies! Tried, tested, and totally eco-friendly, our outdoor supplies are perfect for a more sustainable spring.

Check out the full range and start planning your own adventures! There’s a whole new year ahead, and we’re ready to enjoy it.